The endless windows of time (Secret Restaurant, 2023)

A message from the gallery of excavated heads (Secret Restaurant, 2022)

Returning to earth with additional tools (Betweenthehighway, 2021)

Readings and interviews

KFAI Minneapolis November 8th 2022 (Write on! Radio)


Two poems. (Bruiser Magazine)

Cameo amidst a moment of pure violence. (

Quality check. (Yalobusha Review)

5 poems and an interview. (bs/ws zine)

Gallery excerpt. (Expat)

Five Poems. (Neutral Spaces)

5 poems. (Always Crashing)

Four Poems. (Bullshit Lit)

Bankroll Darwinism. (Bubble Magazine)

Two more poems. (Bruiser Magazine)

3 outs, you’re out. (Many Nice Donkeys)

An explosion made of knives. (Don’t Submit!)

I met Shakespeare at a bar in Anoka, Minnesota. (Ghost City)

Keep your chin up (you’re neck deep in water). (Mausoleum Press)

I place my healing hand on your icicle brain. (Misery Tourism)

Building builder. (Cool Rock Repository)

Two poems. (Cajun Mutt)

Venom stained band-aid. (Back Patio)

Dracula is usually at last call. (Sledgehammer)

Unlucky boy lives forever. (Sledgehammer)

Short stories and other prose

Meat is Magic (Bullshit Lit)

Same plot, different movie. (Apocalypse Confidential)

Return to planet clown. (X-Ray)

Boohoo you were born in a cult. (Rejection Letters)

Nothing bad occurs ever again. (Free Flash Fiction)