A message from the gallery of excavated heads. (Secret Restaurant, 2022)

Returning to earth with additional tools. (Betweenthehighway, 2021)

Readings and interviews

KFAI Minneapolis November 8th 2022 (Write on! Radio)

5 poems and an interview. (bs/ws zine)

Short stories and other prose

Tom Yacht. (Bear Creek Gazette)

Return to planet clown. (X-Ray)

Same plot, different movie. (Apocalypse Confidential)

Boohoo you were born in a cult. (Rejection Letters)

Nothing bad occurs ever again. (Free Flash Fiction)

Photogenic mouth goblins ingest the walls. (Witch Craft, print)


Two poems. (Bruiser Magazine)

Cameo amidst a moment of pure violence. (

Quality check. (Yalobusha Review)

Gallery excerpt. (Expat)

Five Poems. (Neutral Spaces)

5 poems. (Always Crashing)

Four Poems. (Bullshit Lit)

Bankroll Darwinism. (Bubble Magazine)

3 outs, you’re out. (Many Nice Donkeys)

An explosion made of knives. (Don’t Submit!)

I met Shakespeare at a bar in Anoka, Minnesota. (Ghost City)

Keep your chin up (you’re neck deep in water). (Mausoleum Press)

I place my healing hand on your icicle brain. (Misery Tourism)

Building builder. (Cool Rock Repository)

Two poems. (Cajun Mutt)

Venom stained band-aid. (Back Patio)

Dracula is usually at last call. (Sledgehammer)

Unlucky boy lives forever. (Sledgehammer)