Quality check. (Yalobusha Review)

Keep your chin up (you’re neck deep in water). (Mausoleum Press)

Two poems. (Cajun Mutt)

Two poems. (Poetica Review)

More bad news to share. (Rejection Letters)

Building builder. (Cool Rock Repository)

Dracula is usually at last call. (Sledgehammer)

Unlucky boy lives forever. (Sledgehammer)

Venom stained band-aid. (Back Patio)

Boohoo you were born in a cult. (Rejection Letters)

I place my healing hand on your icicle brain. (Misery Tourism)

Return to planet clown. (X-Ray)

Nothing bad occurs ever again. (Free Flash Fiction)

Big budget poetry. (The Daily Drunk)

Three poems. (Rabid Oak)

Two poems. (Deluge)

Five poems. (Word for/Word)

Photogenic mouth goblins ingest the walls. (Witch Craft, print)



Nate Hoil writes big budget poetry. He pole vaults over skyscrapers to escape the living dead. Please send him five dollars so he can follow his dreams.


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